Mud dogs suggests that all event participants conduct some form of training regimen in preparation for this race. Please consult your physician prior to training in case of any physical condition that might prevent you from training and/or participating in this event. Stretching is important, as well as warming up your body prior to vigorous exercise. Make sure to stretch your legs, back, and shoulders prior to exercising.

Obstacles: Each course will be set up using a combination of obstacles from each of the categories shown below. Some will be more challenging than others.

  • Climbing: vertical & inverted walls, up and overs, belly rope ramp and X fence
  • Crawling: under wire & mesh, tunnels, mud pits, and trenches
  • Strength: sand bag and log carry, push ups, monkey bars, sit ups and rope swings
  • Balance: balance beam, log run and teeter totter
  • Agility: knee high squares, tire run and hop over lines
***** Stay hydrated *****

MUD DOGS does not suggest extensive weight training for our events. Although strength is important, agility and stamina are the keys to this type of event. MUD DOGS believes conditioning type of exercises as well as running for small distances to improve cardio are the best way to prepare for this event. You might also consider push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, crunches, lunges and squats.

Cool Down - Make sure to bring your activity to an end by cooling down your body. Walking with your arms elevated and drinking water helps the cooling down process.

Healthy eating - Eating smaller portions more frequently as well as eating healthy foods will help your body prepare for this event as well as keeping you in a healthy lifestyle.

Rest - Proper sleep helps the body recuperate from exercise and helps the body to be rejuvenated the next day.

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