Frequently asked questions

    • Can an average person do this race?
    • Yes, it's designed to be challenging to both the avid athlete and the regular fit person.

    • Can my child run the 5K?
    • Children 11 and up may participate in the 5K event with a parent's/guardian's release.

    • How much training should I do to prepare for the race?
    • It depends on how competitive you are. It's a "Fun Mud Run", so there will be those who are just out to have fun as well as the highly competitive runners and military, police, and fire personnel.

    • Are the obstacles difficult?
    • Challenging is a better term. Mud Dogs wants our courses to be challenging, not impossible. Event staff and trained volunteers are always there to help.

    • Is there drinking water on the course or should I wear a camelback?
    • Yes, a water station will be set up at the half way mark, but some individuals do wear camel backs. Just remember there will be a lot of mud out there.

    • Are there wash off areas?
    • Wash off stations depend on the venue facilities and availability of adequate wter pressure. Most venues have some sort of wash area and we provide male and femals changing tents. Mud Dogs suggests that all participants have a change of clothes, flip flops, a towel, and a bag to wrap up your muddy belongings. YOU WILL HAVE MUDDY STUFF!

    • Can I wear my glasses?
    • Mud Dogs does not suggest it. Loose items (i.e. jewelry, glasses, etc) that you don't want to possibly lose should be left behind at home. However, if perscription glasses are necessary for adequate sight on the course we suggest that you purchase athletic lanyards to hold onto your glasses. Mud Dogs is not responsible for items lost during the event.

    • Can my group of friends run together if we didn't register together?
    • As long as you are all registered for the same event and start time (i.e. 5K 0830 hrs start) then your group can start all together.

  • Does everyone start at once?
  • No, there are several different starts to different races. In addition, there will be 4 minute spans between starts during each race.
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